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Frequently Asked Questions

How is 'GOODLES' pronounced?

You can say it however makes you happy, but we choose to emphasize the GOOD in GOODLES. We say "Good-ulz" ('Good' rhymes with 'Wood'). If you're stressed about how to say it, just remember IT'S ALLLLLLL GOODLES!

What makes GOODLES gooder?

For everything we cook up, we always start with "it has to taste delicious!" and then we pack it with as much nutrition as we can squeeze in without changing the yummy taste. Our GOODLES mac & cheese tastes AMAZING -- even better than ones you ate when you were a kid -- and it has 15 grams of protein per 1 cup serving, 6 grams of fiber, prebiotics to support gut health, and 21 nutrients from organic plants! Check out how we stack up here. But it's not just about making noodles gooder! As a brand, we strive to Make, Be and Do Gooder everywhere.

Why are GOODLES out of stock so often and when will they be back in stock?

We are making GOODLES Mac just as fast as we can, but the word is out that you can have tasty AND nutritious mac & cheese. Be sure to get on our email list to receive a heads up when new product becomes available.

How long until I receive my shipment?

We use FedEx Ground as our standard shipping, so expect your product within 4-6 business days to most of the US.

What is a Do-Gooder and how can I be one?

A Do-Gooder is the name of anyone who is part of our community. If you want to make, be, and do gooder with us, sign up to receive our emails for Do-Gooder updates, exclusive deals, and invites to do Do-Gooder challenges. We may reach out to you for new product taste-testing, too!




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You can have it all.

We noodled on the noodle to make something gooder. See how we compare to your old favorites.

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