The Shredder
Shredder Hero
Shredder Hero

The Shredder

Stick the dinner trick with this crafted bamboo skateboard rolling centerpiece with laser-etched logo. Move over 'cheese board'. Level up to the 'mac and cheese board', and serve up four of your faves at once. Designed and made by local Santa Cruz craftsman Phill Beuhrig just for GOODLES. Trucks are from Independent Truck Company, also from our home-town. Disclaimer: Not for actual skateboard riding, tricks, etc.

Product Details: The deck width is 6.5" and length is 3' 5"; 100% bamboo. The four bowls are 8 oz white porcelain food-safe bowls; dishwasher and microwave safe. The trucks are by Independent. 58mm Mint wheel. 27" x 7.25" x 4".

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1440 PCP-TwistMyParm
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Tasting is believing

We know, we know: another healthy noodle that claims to taste good. But we really cracked the code, folks.
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