Big Mission


Our story begins where we were born: Santa Cruz, California. A little weirdness, a lot of joy, 100% gooder - a brand like GOODLES could only come from here. And we’re out to share that feeling with everyone, one little noodle at a time. For us, it’s the little things that have the biggest impact - those moments of weirdly joyful magic that we all can create in the world: the big-belly-laugh, petting-a-doggie, roller-skating-unicorn stuff that makes us just feel…gooder.

These moments are everywhere, making a tastier, weirder, happier world. At GOODLES, we’re out to celebrate everybody who makes them happen!

Boat day
John, Chris, Desi, Bob
Jen, Heather
Molly, Heather, Dan
She is Beautiful
ELP bigger

Community Love

We know that making, doing and being gooder is hard when you’re worried about when you might eat next. Which is why we’re committed to giving away at least 1% of all the products we sell to organizations that address food insecurity. We’re excited to work with our friends at Eat Learn Play.

At Eat Learn Play we support children’s well-being through access to nutritious meals, quality reading resources, and opportunities to play and be active because everyone deserves the chance to live a happy, healthy childhood. We focus on three vital pillars of a healthy childhood: nutrition, literacy, and physical activity. Our investments meet kids where they are most often - in school, at home, and in their community.

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