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How it works: Our affiliates earn up to 20% commission for every pack of Mac and Cheese you sell. Use your unique GOODLES promo code & link to offer others 20% off.

Perks of being a GOODLES Affiliate:

  • Up to 20% Commission!
  • 14 Day click period!
  • GOODLES Incentives (free mac & awesome goods! )
  • Early access to new flavors!

Who are GOODLES affiliates: We’ve got social media-savvy fans of all kinds: late-night food lovers, fitness junkies, vanlifers, gamers, pretty much anyone who loves mac & cheese and spreading gooder vibes! If that’s you, let’s talk!

Requirements: We’re excited to work with affiliates who are excited to work with us! Our minimum sales quota is ~ 16 cases of GOODLES/month, or around ~$255 in revenue. We trust our team to do what it takes to spread the gooder word!

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