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MEET GOODERSeptember 6, 2022

Whole Foods, Meet GOODLES

Vegan Whole Foods

Whole Foods just got a whole lot gooder - you can now find GOODLES Mac & Cheese on Whole Foods store shelves near you! Whole Foods Markets nationwide are now carrying our four fan-favorite flavors as well as our newest Vegan recipe - Vegan is Believin’.

As the first boxed mac and cheese to achieve the coveted Clean Label Purity Award, GOODLES feels right at home alongside Whole Foods Markets with a shared goal of nourishing people with food that is good for you and good for the planet. 

“When people think of boxed mac and cheese they may not think: clean ingredients, nutrients, protein, prebiotics and high fiber,” said Gal Gadot, Founding Partner at GOODLES. “But that’s exactly what’s in our mac along with unbelievably delicious taste! Retailing our product through Whole Foods Market, we hope to make GOODLES available to more foodie, health-conscious people than ever before and further our mission of making a tastier, kinder, gooder world.”

Find a Whole Foods Market near you to pick-up some GOODLES today! 


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