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MEET GOODERNovember 13, 2021

The Ultimate Mover & Shaker

Team Goodles

At GOODLES, we value the surf, the sand, the visceral joy of being out in the elements. We’re based in Santa Cruz, California out on the Monterey Peninsula, where beach culture is practically religion. One day, as we were brainstorming about how to help our fans experience the world of GOODLES, someone said—on a lark—“why don’t we just get our own dune buggy?” 

At most companies, an idea like that would elicit some rolled eyes and a “yea, whatever” response. But the thing is, we’re not like most companies.

Here, sometimes “no way” becomes “yes way.” And we went and got ourselves a dune buggy.


And not just any dune buggy. This baby here is a vintage Meyers Manx, one of only about 6,000 ever built. It was coveted back then and is even more of a treasure now, decades after it rolled off the line. We believe it is a 1968 iteration, and what a time that was: the “Summer of Love.” Perfect!

Speaking of love, how about the Manx as an innovation case? Bruce Meyers was incredible, and a quintessential Californian in that he had a constant twinkle in his eye to make new things. Boat maker, surfer, engineer, he did it all. Bruce is one of our brand spirit animals, for sure.

So, say hello to our Mover & Shaker, dolled up in GOODLES branding. It’s named in honor of one of our varieties (and, well, the buggy moves and shakes a bit), and sits right in our office. We are crazy about it.

We are also crazy about community, and helping others. If a buyer comes forward, all net proceeds are going to our friends at World Central Kitchen (WCK) who uses the power of food to nourish communities and strengthen economies through times of crisis and beyond. Read more about our relationship with WCK here

And in the meantime, maybe you’ll see us tooling around West Cliff drive, in the Mover & Shaker, with a trunk full of GOODLES.

Let’s move!




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