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MEET GOODERJuly 1, 2022

Oh, Canada!

Canada Mac Bowl

Oh, Canada!

Did you know that Canadians eat more mac and cheese than any other nationality? (Canadians, you know what we’re talking about!) That’s why we’re so excited to finally be able to ship GOODLES to our Do-Gooders in Canada!! 🦄 🛫 🇨🇦 Canadians, please be sure you are shopping on our site when you place your order, or it will not go through. You should see Canadian flags in several places!

Why are shipping fees more costly to ship to Canada than to the US?

Great question. Our base of operations is still here in America. We have American products with American packaging, so we need to ship GOODLES mac and cheese to our Canadian friends from America. We’re covering some of the costs, but with the shipping fee charged to you on the Canadian site in the final step at checkout, you’re paying to defray the cost of international shipping, customs duties and an international shipping customer support team. One day soon we hope to be completely localized and ship to Canadians from inside Canada, but that’s still a ways off. We hope this is better than nothing! 

Quick tip: the shipping cost per box goes down as you purchase more! Here is the current shipping pricing as of 7/8/22, which is subject to change:

  • Up to 6 pounds: $9.99

  • 7 to 12 pounds: $19.99

  • 13 pounds and above is $29.99

Note: we cannot ship more than 66 pounds of product at this time, which is about 11 cases of 12. So find some friends, coworkers (or your grumpy nextdoor neighbor… he needs a cheer-up!) and share the gooderness by ordering all together!

We do expect to be shipping to additional countries in the near future, so stay tuned …


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