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The Story of our Fourth Flavor

By: Paul Earle, Co-Founder
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At GOODLES, practically everything we do is different. Even a little… weird! All in a good(les) way, of course. That even includes the holidays we celebrate. Will you join us in celebrating Mover & Shaker Day on May 4th?

Here’s the story.

Way back when, before we had even launched, we had a hunch that our core products Shella Good, Cheddy Mac, and Twist My Parm would be delightful. But as we assessed the lineup, we thought: where is the surprise? We felt we had to add something unusual. Evoke a response of “Oh no you didn’t!” Out of a commitment to both our future fans and to ourselves, we decided to act. The decision was made on May 4, 2021. And in no time, a delicious, nutritious, cacio e pepe-inspired mac and cheese was born. We called it “Mover & Shaker” because, well, pepper is often dispensed from a shaker, and a mover and shaker is what we aspired to be in the mac and cheese biz.

So we celebrate May 4th as a reminder to all that it’s good to challenge convention. Revel in the unusual. To surprise, not just delight. This idea is important enough to us to dedicate an entire day to it. Actually, you might say that every day at GOODLES is Mover & Shaker Day! And maybe it can be “Unusual day” for you too. May 4th is just the official one. 

Postscript: later in our journey, again in the spirit of surprise, and taking action, we went out and bought ourselves a 1968 Meyers Manx dune buggy (that itself is a long story). The buggy lives in our office today, and we do take it out for a spin every so often. This beaut just happened to have had a paint job kinda like our Mover & Shaker box. So you know what the buggy is officially called now. To ride in it is to be moved, and maybe even shaken: it’s fast and it’s loud!

By the way: oh yes, we are well aware that May The Fourth is a really awesome holiday for a different reason. Call it serendipity. (Suffice it to say that as people consider their options for mac and cheese, we hope they choose us. Because those other ones are not the macs you’re looking for.)

Anyway, thanks for joining us in this incredible experience. We hope you enjoy May 4th as much as we do, and we further invite you to continue challenging us to zag when the world zigs. And consider doing a little zagging yourselves, perhaps. It’s fun. 


Paul, Co-founder


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