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MEET GOODERNovember 2, 2021

Meet Jen Zeszut, our Co-Founder and CEO

Jen Zeszut

Today’s the day! 

We’re so proud to finally share with you GOODLES: Noodles, Gooder and our debut lineup of mac & cheese, reimagined.

Why does the world need a new noodle company, you ask?

We all love noodles! The golden yellow color. The bouncy chew. The way they pack into your tooth, and how you kinda have to floss after. And remember as a kid when you just ate a giant bowl of noodles with butter and salt? Pure bliss!!! But these days, many of us are trying to eat healthier. We're looking for more protein, more fiber, more nutrition, fewer empty calories and good, clean ingredients. 

There are “alt” and “healthy” pastas out there, but most are brown or red or green or foamy or mushy or weird. Or all of the above. (Come on, be honest! You know you have a bunch of boxes in your pantry right now gathering dust!). The extreme health-nuts among us choke them down in the name of “at least it’s better for me”, but it’s just not the same. They’re all missing that bad-for-you taste and mouthfeel that truly brings joy.

So we asked ourselves: what if we made a noodle that tastes just like the amazing noodle that we all know and love, but we packed it with nutrition without changing the flavor or texture, crafted it just-so so that it was filled with good stuff (more protein, high fiber, prebiotics, and nutrients from organic plants), and left out the bad stuff to make a gooder noodle, all around? 

And then, for our debut product of mac & cheese (cause who DOESN’T LOVE MAC AND CHEESE!??), what if we made it using real cheese from our favorite dairy and good, clean ingredients?

Then we pushed the what-if even further. 

What if we hereby declared that mac & cheese is not just for kids, that it can and should be enjoyed by people of all ages? What if we gave permission to people of all ages to eat boxed mac & cheese unabashedly and with all the joy of childhood? What if we recreated and reimagined the old fave mac flavors and made them even more delicious than you remember, but then we also busted out with a few new mac & cheese varieties that no one has ever seen before?

[Spoiler alert: we did all that.]

1,000+ versions later (Whew! Turns out, all of the above is REALLY hard to do!), we are so excited for you all to finally taste our debut lineup of GOODLES mac & cheese! Shella Good, Cheddy Mac, Twist My Parm, and Mover & Shaker, our Cacio e Pepe-inspired mac with bold romano, cracked pepper -- you even make it with the starchy pasta water skimmed off right before you strain your noodles. Oh yeah :-)  

Mac’s back, baby. 

Jen Zeszut

November 2021


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