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Meet Do-Gooder Brittney Ogike

DoGooder Brittney

We believe the world is full of gooderness. And we believe it’s full of people who make it that way. We call them Do-Gooders --people that are committed to making things just a little bit, well, gooder

We created the Do-Gooder series to share those gooder vibes like we share cheese, which is to say IN ABUNDANCE. (Cheese and gooderness are two things you can never have enough of, and that’s just #facts.)

Q: What are five words that describe Bittney Ogike? 

A: Wife, Mom, Passionate, Ambitious, Generous

Q: Not only are you a successful entrepreneur but you hold a chair position for The MIddleton Family Foundation. What made you decide to play such a vital part in the foundation?  

A: My brother, Khris Middleton, came to me with the idea of starting a family foundation after several years of us hosting and participating in several charitable events and campaigns. I felt a responsibility to give back and donate my time and effort to causes that are important to my family and would create a lasting impact in our communities. Having a direct involvement in our Foundation gives me the opportunity to really do the work and make a difference in so many peoples’ lives.

Q: What are some of the changes you have seen out of the Middleton Family Foundation from the start in 2012 to now? 

A: Although we started our charitable efforts in 2012, we officially launched The Middleton Family Foundation in 2019. Over the past decade, I’ve not only seen an increase in activism from our family and friends, but also the community. In 2017, we started a $1m scholarship endowment for minority students at Porter Gaud School, South Carolina’s most elite private school,  with the goal of increasing diversity. I was surprised to see that we surpassed our $1m endowment goal due to contributions from the local community of people who believed in and wanted to support our mission.

We’ve seen an increased interest from the business community and corporate partners like Gooder Foods, to aid in our philanthropic efforts.

Most importantly, we have seen changes in the lives of the people we have helped over the years. We receive messages about how a small gesture like a spa day for a single mom, changed the trajectory of her life because she was so honored to know that her kid nominated her because he recognized her selfless devotion to her family, or a donation that helped a family pay their rent during Covid shutdowns and avoid a homeless shelter. Those are the changes I’ve seen.

"Oftentimes, underserved communities don’t have access to these kinds of options, and it is our mission to help bridge that gap."

Q: How does food make an impact on the Middleton Family Foundation and the communities that the foundation serves?  

A: One of our foundation pillars centers around youth health & wellness. Any time we have an opportunity to partner with amazing companies that provide healthy and nutritious food options, like Gooder Foods, we jump on it. Oftentimes, underserved communities don’t have access to these kinds of options, and it is our mission to help bridge that gap.

Q: Why GOODLES? What made you think a mac and cheese partnership could be so impactful

A: First of all, it’s an amazing product. Goodles took a fan-favorite, mac-and-cheese, and made it healthy. What’s not to love about that?! The company’s mission and values of providing healthy nutritious food aligns with our mission at The Middleton Family Foundation.

Q: How can our fans and Goodles best help you and the Middleton Family Foundation?

A: Continue to support nonprofits. The work they’re doing is amazing. Our partnership with Goodles and Hunger Task Force is a great example. If you have the time, volunteering at non-profits or events is a great way to help. We’re always looking for volunteers at our events. We’re also always looking to connect with people and forge relationships that can be of service and that we can be of service to.

Q: The Middleton Family Foundation has come up with some really cool initiatives such as the 12 days of Khrismas, renting out movie theaters for foster families and much more. Is there any one in particular that stood out to you? 

A: I love the movie theater event! We partner with a foster family organization and rent out theaters for all the families during the holidays. It’s an amazing time for the kids. I also love our basketball camps. We always donate the proceeds to local non-profit. But beyond that, it’s great to see the enthusiasm on the kids’ faces.

Q: Does the Middleton Family Foundation offer internships for young kids to understand the intricacies within a foundation? If so, what knowledge would you want them to walk away with

A: At this time, we do not offer internships, however, it is something I will consider soon. I think it would be a great opportunity to introduce the non-profit industry to aspiring philanthropic workers.

Q: Dedicating time to volunteering is super important to you. How do you plan on introducing your kids to such an important aspect in your life? 

A: My kids are young, so they don’t really understand what I’m doing yet. Soon, they’ll start working with me at the events and figure out the importance of the work we’re doing.

Q: Do you make mac and cheese at home and is there a twist that you put on it? 

A: Absolutely! My daughter is a huge mac & cheese fan. We love Goodles! Whenever I have time, I’ll make it from scratch and crumble some bacon on the top as a finishing touch!


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