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Eat GooderJuly 19, 2022

Low GI

Ilana Muhlstein, M.S., R.D.N

It is my pleasure to share with the whole gooder community that GOODLES mac and cheese – are Low Glycemic Index (GI) foods. This is such amazing news! It means that it gives you and your kids more steady energy! Low GI means that it feels good in your body, it may help you feel full longer, and may even help you lose weight – something I know a thing or two about! I lost 100 pounds myself and have since committed my career to helping people eat healthy while still enjoying the foods you love. 

But let’s go a little deeper into what Low GI means, cause it’s really important! 

What is the Glycemic Index?

The Glycemic Index is a method of classifying carbohydrate foods. The classifications are Low GI, Medium GI and High GI foods. 

How is it measured ?

Using a standardized method, human subjects of all ages provide blood samples before and at 15-minute intervals after eating GOODLES and then also eating a reference high-glycemic carbohydrate (glucose) for comparison’s sake. The blood test measures glucose levels over time.   

What does the test tell us? 

The GI score describes the blood glucose raising ability of the digestible carbohydrates in a given food – whether it elicits a low, medium or high blood sugar increase. A High GI food shows up similar to the red line, below. A low GI food like GOODLES mac and cheese, raises blood sugar levels similar to the Blue line below.

LOW GI graph - Image source: Harvard Health Publishing

Image source: Harvard Health Publishing

Why are low GI foods helpful?

Well, as you can see from the graph, high GI foods (the red line) release carbohydrates into blood circulation more quickly. So high glycemic foods result in a quick spike in insulin and blood sugar (this may make you feel a big rush of energy and slightly jittery) and then a steep drop in blood sugar. This may feel like a “crash” where you feel super low energy. Everyone’s experience is a bit different, but you might start feeling hungry again at that point when your blood sugar drops. 

By contrast, low GI foods (the blue line in the chart), like GOODLES mac and cheese, release carbohydrates into the blood more slowly. In this way, low-glycemic foods, like GOODLES mac and cheese: 

  • Give you more steady energy! And more prolonged energy! Listen up kids, moms, athletes, performers – everyone!

  • Cause a smaller rise in blood sugar levels after eating.

  • May help you lose weight!

  • May improve the body’s sensitivity to insulin over time in those that are overweight.

  • May help you feel full for longer!

Why this so exciting

I love lots of Low GI foods – barley, chicken, fish, lentils, cashews, pears, broccoli, etc. But I don’t recall ever seeing boxed mac and cheese on any Low GI chart! As a Registered Dietician and Nutritionist, I am always trying to convince families to work more Low GI foods into their snacks and meals. GOODLES should be an easy addition to folks’ diets. Important note: Always run any specific foods by your doctor to be sure that it’s right for you and your particular health situation! 

Ilana Muhlstein M.S., R.D.N. is a Dietitian Nutritionist, Educator, Published Author, Mom, Health Enthusiast, and Nutritional Advisor to GOODLES.


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