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EAT GOODERNovember 5, 2021

GOODLES Keeps You Going

Team Goodles

GOODLES Keeps You Going

There are two types of people out there: those who rise and shine, and those who merely rise. (#butfirstcoffee, amirite?) Life is busy, the world moves fast and being a grownup is hard. How’s a mac and cheese lover supposed to get that BDE (Big Day Energy, duh) to help them get through the day?

With a little help from your friends, obvs. (That’s us! 🤗) 

What we eat can have a direct impact on how we feel — whether we’re reaching for the remote or our running shoes at the end of the day. At GOODLES, we’re not opposed to a little chill, but we’re not opposed to a little science, either. Here’s how GOODLES keeps you going:

  • We take it slow: Carbs sometimes get a bad rap, but the reality is they’re the primary source of energy for your muscles and brain. In isolation, they provide a quick burst of energy followed by a not-fun crash if that energy isn’t put to immediate use. Uh, pass. To keep you moving and grooving, we included 6 grams of fiber and 14 grams of protein into each serving of GOODLES, allowing for a slow-and-steady energy release that fuels your day. 

  • Fortified deliciousness: GOODLES is fortified with plant-sourced vitamins and minerals that help metabolize proteins, carbohydrates and fats — that is to say, your food — so your bod can turn our delicious mac into energy. Peep these stats for the vitamins and minerals below -- which aid in, and facilitate, energy production:

  • 10% RDI: vitamin B6

  • 15% RDI: vitamin B12, riboflavin

  • 20% RDI: niacin, pantothenic acid 

  • 25% RDI: folate

  • Plant-based power: Vegetarians may experience deficiencies in nutrients commonly sourced from animal protein. GOODLES contains vitamins B6 and B12 to help cover the gap for veggies and meat eaters alike, supporting protein and fat metabolization, red blood cells, and nervous and immune system health

So hey, we’re not saying you can’t take that nap. We’re just saying you might not need to after digging into a bowl of GOODLES. Get yours here.


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