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GOODLES All-Stars off the court

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From the moment they joined the GOODLES squad, Domantas Sabonis and Khris Middleton have consistently used their foundations to shine a light on food insecurity and help families in their communities. 

This holiday season, we joined Khris Middleton of the Milwaukee Bucks, his sister Brittany Middleton, and their family foundation to give over 35,000 meals to families in the greater Milwaukee area.  Our co-founder Paul Earle joined them at Hunger Task Force to pack boxes and participate in a cooking class (featuring GOODLES, of course) for kids visiting that day.

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“It was a slam dunk to see Khris himself there and genuinely engaged, packing boxes, helping little kids learn how to cook, and spreading good cheer.” - Paul Earle

Last week, the GOODLES team also worked with Domantas Sabonis from the Sacramento Kings to pack boxes at the Sacramento Food Bank.  GOODLES donated another 35,000 meals in partnership with Sabonis.   Deb Luster, Chief Impact Officer, was among those who joined him at the event. Luster said,  “Who would have thought Domantas would have found a three-legged carrot right after he packed a triple double on the court last night?” 

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For perspective, these contributions from the Khris Middleton Foundation and the Sabonis Family Foundation are enough to feed the entire crowd of 70,000 at Sofi Stadium!!!

We’re looking forward to partnering more with these amazing organizations in 2024.

We appreciate MAI investment firm especially Joe Lum and Matt Cavanaugh for bringing these Gooder partners to Goodles



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