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DO GOODERNovember 15, 2021

A gooder world is in our hands


Yes, we’ve made noodles gooder! More protein, more fiber, prebiotics, more nutrients from organic veggies AND ALL THE YUM. But a better bowlful is only the beginning. We’re about making gooder* stuff everywhere. 

It’s why we made a little noodle that can bring JOY because it gives you permission to eat what you love! 

It’s why we put Make, Be, Do, Gooder on every box and on our goods. We’re a team of like-minded people on a journey to add gooderness to the world, starting with mac & cheese. 

In fact, before there was even a GOODLES noodle, there were Do-Gooders! That’s what we call our community, thousands strong now -- of all ages and from all across the country -- who believe what we believe: that little things can have big impacts in the world. Big change starts small. In fact it MUST start small. And we love that. 

There are lots of ways to be a Do-Gooder. Help us: the gooder things in life, like the perfect sled hill or the way it smells after the rain. Tag us with #GooderThings when you do. We want to share what brings YOU joy!

...make things gooder, like helping someone at the grocery store reach the top shelf, leaving a note for a stranger, or just sharing an awesome new song. the little things, because they make the big things possible.

Also, if you follow us at @AllGoodles, every so often you will see us put out Do-Gooder Challenges and invite folks to do acts of do-gooderness with us! (#DoGooderChallenge). We might ask you to leave an anonymous, kind note on a neighbor’s car. We might ask you to build a stick-lending-library for the doggies in your neighborhood. Or to start a pay-it-forward chain of events at your local coffee shop. Stay tuned. And if any resonate with you, join us!!! 

And if you are really feeling it, be sure to get yourself a little Do Gooder pin!!!



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