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EAT GOODERNovember 13, 2021

Fiber FTW!

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Gooder gut health without the cardboard taste? We got you.  Dietary fiber….it’s not exactly a regular conversation topic, unless you’re errrrr...IR-regular. It’s not flashy and not particularly fun to talk about, but on some level we know we need it. But why??? Well for starters, people who include good sources of fiber in their diet have lower risk of diseases.  And when you combine that very important nugget, with the fact that the average person doesn’t consume anywhere near the doctor recommended 30 grams per day, that means we could all use a little help filling that fiber gap. But wait - many packaged foods barely make a dent in those daily digits, including (gasp) most boxed macs. 

Ahem. Most

Just when you thought you had to resort to a lifetime of eating tree bark, GOODLES comes in performing a straight-up magic trick. Goodles are high in fiber — we use a special wheat that has 10x the fiber of traditional wheat — ,  to help you meet 20% of your daily needs in the most gooder way imaginable. Here’s why fiber just may be your new BFF:

  • Prebiotic benefits: *Pro*biotics — the good bacteria that support your immune system, your digestive system, your cardiovascular system, your central nervous system and basically every system ever — gotta eat, and that’s where *pre*biotics come in. These tiny bits of indigestible fiber serve as a nice, tasty meal for your GI germs so they can do their job of keeping you ticking. Prebiotics even increase the bioavailability of certain minerals, making it easier for your bod to soak up the benefits of nutrients like calcium and magnesium. 

  • Disease prevention: A diet loaded up with all that glorious plant roughage may lower your risk of serious and scary diseases, including high cholesterol, heart disease, type II diabetes and even certain types of cancer. 

  • Appetite satisfaction: Fiber slows your digestive tract down so your dinner doesn’t make its way to your South Pole quite so quickly. This keeps you feeling full longer, helping to stave off those pesky post-meal cravings. 

  • And yeah, 💩💩💩: A backup is great when it comes to your electronic devices but brutal when it comes to your gut. Here’s the scoop: Fiber-rich foods help keep your operating system (so to speak) running smoothly. No buffering here!   

So when it comes to sneaking in our daily fiber, we’ll take ours covered with all the cheese and all the yum, please! Taste the gooderness for yourself here

*GOODLES Cheddy Mac vs. Kraft Original Macaroni and Cheese. 


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