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EAT GOODERNovember 15, 2021

Winner, Winner, Noodle Dinner!

Clean Label

Winner, Winner, Noodle Dinner!

Mom always said to clean up for dinner, and well, we took that literally. We’re proud — nay, STOKED — to announce that all four varieties of GOODLES Mac and Cheese have earned the Clean Label Project Purity Award.  What does that mean? Well, after rigorous, independent testing of our products for over 400 different contaminants including chemicals, plastics, pesticides and other toxins, Clean Label Project has determined that GOODLES mac & cheese meets their highest standard. 

We are the first boxed mac and cheese ever to receive Clean Label certification, and we are so excited to lead the way with clean ingredients.

"Oftentimes, companies reach out to Clean Label Project when they already have products in the marketplace in order to get tested by Clean Label Project's network of third party laboratories. The team at Gooder Foods reached out to us before they even started developing their GOODLES mac and cheese in order to educate themselves about where potential contaminants might come from in their ingredients and supply chain. Being proactive rather than reactive to food safety issues is part of GOODLES recipe for success," said Clean Label Project Executive Director, Jaclyn Bowen. "The fact that all four of their launch products met our highest standard and won our Purity Award is a testament to GOODLES diligence and attention to detail throughout the process."

At GOODLES, we believe that what’s not in your food is just as important as what is, and while we’re committed to making a mac that tastes great, it’s got to be more than that. It’s got to be gooder — for our taste buds, for our bodies and for our planet — to bear the GOODLES name. We’re honored for the recognition from Clean Label Project. Hard work pays off, kids!  

Want to learn more? Check out the entire Clean Label Project certification process here.


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